Photo Journal Vol. 15.03

I am in the final stages of photographing this series before my show opening on April 2nd (details below). I have about three more photo shoots that I want to get done for… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 15.02

I am in the final stages of shooting for the Bridgetown Nude Series, at least for the upcoming April Exhibit. I will probably pick this series up again later, but I want to… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 15.01

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we say goodbye to 2014 and move into 2015, I have been contemplating what I want to achieve in the New Year. I was quite bummed at how little… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.08

I was out scouting for a photo shoot and I thought it would be fun to photograph Powell’s at night. It is difficult to find a good vantage point to capture the essence… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.07

It is time to get caught up with my postings of the Bridgetown Nude series. My shooting has slowed a bit as I struggle to get the time to scout and plan the… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.06

Life has once again jumped in front of me on the tracks to getting the time to pursue my photography. The good news … the exciting news is I have a new job… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.05

My “Bridgetown Nude” series is coming along very well. I will post some below and you can see the full series here. I have photographed 6 or 7 different people at this point,… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.04

I am very excited to start a new series of artistic nudes photographed in and around the Portland, OR area …. Bridgetown Nudes. This will be a series of everyday people from all… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.03

Wow … it has been January since my last post! Every time I seem to think I am ready to achieve a work / life balance, my job gets busier. Working for myself,… Continue reading

Photo Journal Vol. 14.02

A couple of nights ago, my friend squirmette joined me to do some night and light painting photography at a local cemetery. It was in the low 30 degrees and very foggy, which… Continue reading